Chicken Tractors

  • We designed this tractor to come apart easily for storage.
  • All tractors can be customized.  Contact us with the changes you would like, and we will develop a quote for you.

Compact Poultry Tractor

This is our lightest and most movable tractor to date.  We didn’t skimp on strength though, this tractor can still handle our northern winters and uneven terrain.

When used to house meat birds, this 32 square foot tractor will easily accommodate 25 birds. If they are moving at least once a day, there is plenty of space for feed, water, and access to grass.


  • Lightweight, being our smallest tractor we also wanted it to be the lightest.  This tractor is a breeze to move around the property.
  • Bi-fold Roof.  The overlapping roof will keep your animals dry while giving you easy access to the food and water location.  A bonus, you don’t need to fight the wind while you have it open.
  • Thoughtful corner braces.  The corner braces on the opening side are low, so you can put feed and water on them.  On the hinge side of the tractor, the braces are high so you can hang water or feed from them without taking up floor space.
  • 10″ wheels. When it’s time to move the tractor, you can easily lift and install the 10″ wheels.  This gives the tractor ample clearance while not giving enough space for the chickens to escape.
  • 1/2″ hardware cloth.  The hardware cloth protects your birds from ground predators.  The cloth is stapled on using 3/4″ staples.
  • Feeders and waterers are not included.


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