Artisanal Meat Processing

What is Artisanal Meat Processing?

It simply means we process your animal in a non-commercial way.  No chemicals, no radiation, no huge electric saws.

Instead of chemicals (bleach) and radiation, we take your healthy animal and process it cleanly.  If the environment is clean and at the correct temperature, it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals on your meat.  Unfortunately, the meat industry doesn’t have time to process meat cleanly, so the USDA allows them to clean up after themselves in ways that I can’t accept.  What do you do when you don’t like how something is done?  Do it yourself or find someone who does it how you would. 

I have been processing chickens since the 70s and pork since 2018. we have a small clean room with a walk-in to hang your animal at the correct, food-safe temperature.

Below is a picture of the actual equipment used to cut and wrap a pig.