Farm Fresh Eggs

Why are our eggs better?

The happier and healthier the hen, the tastier the egg, and a happy hen needs plenty of room to roam. Our laying flick is pasture raised, so they have the freedom to flap, flock, and forage to their hearts’ content.

There are significant differences between cage free, free range, and pasture raised eggs.  Thousands of cage free chickens may share a crowded building with only 1.4 square feet per bird.  Free range chickens have the addition of an outside area, but are still confined in a small space with as little as 2 square feet per bird.  Both methods may also practice the inhumane tactics of forced molting, beak cutting/burning, and 24 hour a day artificial light to force increased egg production.

Our pasture raised hens have the freedom to be chickens. Our flock is rotationally grazed and always has access to over 8,400 square feet of predator protected pasture.  Their chicken tractor is moved weekly to ensure the hens access to new pasture.