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2024 Preorders are here!

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Instead of repeating last year’s “Preorder are here message”, I’ll be lazy and link it. 2023 Preorders are here!

Let’s talk about changes instead, they are few but important.

  1. I am still not raising beef, but I think I have found a grower as fanatical as I am. I’m going to go visit in the month of January and then in early spring (these two times are when I decide I will NOT eat someone’s beef). If they are like me in they growing style I would like to pass their beef on to you guys as the butcher. All I need from you right now is an email saying I’m interested in the beef. Include in the email should be how much you would want: whole, half or quarter. The advertised hanging weights are 700-850 lbs. for a whole beef. They are working on the prices for hanging weight, but I have a clue that they will not exceed $4/lb hanging. After cut and wrap you would get 50-65% of that as food based on cutsheet choices. Quite of few of you have said you want beef, if you are interested I’m planning to go to Bonner’s Fairy and pick up three cows when the time comes (late summer/fall).
  2. For the first time I will be raising more chickens then are preordered. I’ve order 200 chicks that will be coming in batches of 100. The remaining chickens will be available via the website after harvest. This should work out well for you guys with the small freezers as you can come back for more when you need them.

What I’m not changing. The price, yes I know everything is getting more expensive why not my food? I don’t need too as my feed prices are holding, what I do need is for you guys to tell a friend. Sell my chickens/turkeys/pigs. 🙂 Have your friends let me you who referred them and I will reward you.

Preorder links for your convivence:

Main web page

Pork Deposit

Planners Pork Deposit

Chicken Deposit

Turkey Deposit


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